a simple touch

such a simple thing, a touch.  Often unmemorable or so benign it isn't allowed to linger in our thoughts for very long.  However some touches come become something more than the basics of what they are.  Through a simplistic gesture, one could say, like this little gentleman, "I've never seen you like that before, you're something so beautiful I'd like to see if you are real".     

curiosity behind those eyes.

A fleeting moment as this flower girl came to the back door wanting to satisfy the curiosity behind her eyes.  Truth be told, we were simply photographing a few formal family pics, nothing nearly as noteworthy as the gift she gave to me.  


Butterflies have to be a favorite of mine in the whole of the animal kingdom.  I know the elephant has it's size and girth, and the lion it's strength, and there are far cuter and cuddlier species that we'd all love to keep and own.  However, I love the butterfly.  Their beauty is unmatched in both vibrancy and splendor, reflecting far more colors than any rainbow.   All of it working together in a light-as-a-feather symphony of grace and elegance.  The irony wasn't lost on me that while thee butterflies fluttered all around me, and the misters saturated the air, and as I waited and chose my moment carefully....  I always saw this image in black and white.  

Go figure.