harris & jessica

This morning I woke up and as usual poured myself a cup of coffee, and surfed through the various social hangouts I have conveniently on my phone.  As I sip my coffee, I read the comings and goings of social "friends" stopping when, for the third time, I notice it's someone's anniversary.  I'm confronted, so early this morning, that life moves far too fast for me, seemingly moving faster the more I forget to pay attention.  

I have been privileged enough to have witnessed most of the betrothal process of Harris and Jessica .  From dating, to proposal, from engagement to wedding.  Time leaves too quickly, and what I'm left with are photographs.  Photographs..... and friendships.  And as I take another sip, I'm more than content with that.

Love you both Jess & Harris, 



// A huge thank you to Preston Utley who photographed this wedding with me; who've I look up to as mentor, work alongside as partner, and enjoy life with as friend.  Such an amazing photography talent