The moment we saw Steve’s work on his website and Instagram, we were blown away. It wasn’t just the stunning beauty of his photographs, but his unique yet-still-classic style – more photojournalism than conventional wedding photography – which was exactly what we had always wanted but assumed didn’t exist in today’s wedding industry. Until we discovered Steve.

We couldn’t be happier with the photographs he produced for our wedding. It’s been about a month since he finished putting together our online albums, and like most newlyweds, we have looked through all the photos countless times. Yet every time we find something new to admire. Steve didn’t just produce gorgeous photographs – he brought to life the story of our wedding weekend, chronicling the most meaningful moments, large and small, and capturing all of the love and emotion of everyone involved.

But here’s what’s so special about Steve: he’s more than just a brilliant photographer – he’s an exceptional human being. He is kind and genuine, charming and witty, joyful and full of life. For him, photography isn’t a job, it’s a passion. He loves it because he loves people. And you learn all of this pretty much the moment you meet him.

For us, that moment came during a phone call before we had even asked him to photograph our wedding. We figured that we would ask the questions and he would provide the answers (about his pricing, availability, style, etc.), but we were surprised and impressed when he started asking questions of us – about our relationship history and families, our jobs and interests. It was clear that he didn’t think of us as just potential clients, but as two human beings who he wanted to get to know on a personal level.

The human connection that Steve forms with the people he photographs is what makes him so good at his job. Marta and I usually don’t like posing for photographs, but with Steve behind the camera, we always felt comfortable and relaxed, even from the beginning of our engagement photo session. All of our friends and family members at the wedding said the exact same thing. Even before they had seen the photographs, everyone was raving about what a pleasure it was to be around – and to be photographed – by Steve.

Whenever we think about our wedding weekend, we think of Steve – his calming presence that put everyone at ease and his exuberant personality that put a smile on everyone’s face, his uncanny ability to seemingly be everywhere and nowhere all at once, and the ease with which he adapted to the sometimes unpredictable flow of the ceremony and reception, always managing to be at the right place at the right time.

Steve Stanton is a rare talent – a true master of his craft. And we feel incredibly blessed that he chose to share his prodigious gifts with us and our family. 

Matt + Marta



Dear Steve,  I realize I could be seen as being a little bit biased but these are quite truly the most gorgeous wedding photos I have ever seen.  The setting is perfect and you have quite literally captured the pure delight and joy experienced at the wedding and portrayed it perfectly in the photographs.  I'm sure you will have had many thank-yous and kind words from Keeley and her family, and I would just like to extend our thanks from the Brits on the other side of the pond.

Paula (mother of the groom)


Steve is remarkable. His photography style and unobtrusive nature was a perfect match for our wedding. From the beginning of the day while getting ready at the hotel, Steve and his assistant put us at ease. Not only that, they managed to make an amazing day even more fun. Steve easily blended in, catching moments without defining the flow of our wedding day. When he did coordinate a shot, it was to try and create something that only he could see. Needless to say, we were stunned by the depth and beauty of our wedding album. Steve is truly talented. Thank you for giving us timeless wedding photos that we can look back on for years to come. 

Meagan + James


Oh my God, what I have gotten through so far is the most incredible things I've ever seen!  Steve, the photos you have captured have blown me away and I haven't even seen them all yet!  I'm so grateful...the most amazing day of my life and you got it!!!!  I am indebted to you.  I know Christian and I would love to have you over for a glass of wine and little thank you as soon as you are around and available.  Let us know your schedule and when you're here!

Lynne + Christian


Looking back now on the unfold of that magical night was a truly miraculous event.  Everyone took their own special memories from that night, but it was you that gave us all the ultimate love story.  Your pictures capture the moments of magic when no one was aware you were snapping away. A box of tissues is mandatory every time I sit and look through the album.   Each picture has so much sentiment it was truly a very emotional moment for me and my family to watch your amazing slide show.  I hope you know how grateful Chris and I are for participation at our wedding.  It was a friendship from the start~ And that’s why you are SO good at what you do. Your passion for human life and love is so strong and was very obvious from the moment I first started following your work.  I forever will be one of your biggest fans:)  Thank you for everything Steve.

Laura + Chris


I’ve looked through them like twice already and the overwhelming feeling of happiness and complete joy is rushing back to me through your amazing work! You are a true and complete artist! You capture moments that no one would notice or see…you are fabulous! I can hardly breathe!! You and these pictures are truly a gift from God!! I will never ever ever ever be able to thank you enough! We are SO grateful to have you in our lives, not only as our photographer for life, but as our friend. With all my heart, thank you!!!

Jessica + Dillon


I can’t stress enough how amazing our pictures are and how happy we are with them! I cannot imagine anyone possibly doing a better job. We have been absolutely inundated with comments about how great the photography was. My brother even told me that he wishes you had done his wedding a few years back. Thanks so much Steve!!! We couldn’t be happier with what you did

Jillian + Darren


I am utterly speechless. These pictures not only captured every moment of the day but all the emotion and feeling in each moment. These pictures are absolutely priceless. You made it possible for us to go back to exact feelings during the happiest days of our life. We could never repay you for the gift you have given us. You are extremely talented and I thank you for being there with us.

Kelly + Joe


I couldn’t have asked for a better photographer. I was really sad that everything was over in a blink of an eye, because it was seriously the best day ever, but you captured so many of the great memories that night-even my dad dancing, which he NEVER DOES!!!! People say pictures never do justice, YEAH RIGHT!!!! The pictures reflect exactly how the night (and the next day) went – ABSOLUTELY AMAZING, INDESCRIBABLE! You are definitely doing what you were destined to do!

Terry + Craig


WOW! You are truly talented! Our pictures are Amazing! We cannot thank you enough for such gorgeous pictures to remember our wedding by. Not only are they “picture perfect” but they captured the little moments that were so special to us ~ like Kris wiping the cake off my chin. Thank you so much for your hard work and creativity.

Lindsey + Kris


If I wasn’t at work I’d scream!! What a dream come true this whole experience has been! I just want to thank you again for making my wedding even better than I could have ever imagined Carter and I both had a ball. (He later told me that he was so glad I ignored his request for no photographer, saying it was the best thing I ever did!) The day was a dream, and as soon as you walked into the hotel room the mood went from hectic to having a good time.

Jennifer + Carter