Anyone in the diamond business will tell you that the value of the gem is  derived mostly from the quality of it's cut, and each diamond demands it's own unique cut.  One that will provide the optimum number of facets allowing the small rock to sparkle and shine as brightly as possible.  So to each wedding, with it's many storylines and intersecting themes needs hewn in a fashion that will allow the whole of it's parts to shine and sparkle in all it's brightest luminance.  

Then it hit me while meandering through the huddled groups during cocktails that much of these men, some grandfathers, uncles, dear friends and fathers were joined in like fashion to one another through the small knot just below their chins.  Each man subtly making his own stand, like high-held banners lifted high throughout the umbrellaed hubbub.  I went on the hunt henceforth to document these banners, these bowties and found more than one heartwarming story behind each one.  

So consider this an appetizer unto the wedding banquet which will come in due time.  

here are those dapper men behind those bowties and smiles