don't give up

Have you ever met anyone that encourages you to push through the hard times?  Perhaps not through words necessarily but through their own lives and actions.  I've known Chelsea for several years now and have been privy to some of the ups and downs in her life these past years.  Fact is, we all endure ups and downs, but Chelsea always seems to find herself in the endurance itself.  She's found the secret that needs to be spread around to all of us.  

It doesn't take any faith at all to believe there is a God, and if He/She exists , they must hate us.  We look inward far too often and judge ourselves poorly, and base a belief that if there is an intelligent being up there somewhere, He/She must share the same feelings about us.  We are to be pitied in our lows, and judged and ridiculed in our highs.  

It however takes extraordinary faith to believe in a sovereign Father, one who is all good all the time.  Sovereign in knowing all the muck and filth that oozes out of us, and Sovereign in seeing no good in us at all.  But faith says I am His, and He loves me; because He is loves me, because He loves me.  Because that is who He is.  


Chelsea continues to endure the highs and lows and embraces life like a roller-coaster, her smile tells me that it's worth the ride.  She is learning to become content, in knowing that there is someone who's called Himself Father, and He loves her because He loves her.  

Her message, and mine alike; Don't give up.  But don't struggle either, just rest in knowing that there is someone who loves you... because He is Love.