seaside maternity session

Publications ask when interviewing various self-employed professionals, what their dream client would be?  I've thought about this over the years, not particularly in preparation any article but rather for my own benefit as well as any future would-be clients.  See, for me, my dream client would be someone with whom bestows upon me a complete and committed trust, someone whose willing to walk out on the edge with me, someone who becomes a true part of the process.  I feel we all want those who have "drank the KoolAid" if you will, those who believe and feel the same about life and art.  

A true case in point our my clients come friends, Laura and Chris.  Having photographed their Costa Rican wedding several years prior, they reached out to me as soon as they found out they were pregnant.  I was smitten, as someone who's never really dove into that type of photography, but it didn't matter to Laura and Chris.  They knew my style and methods and trusted me implicitly, allowing me the freedom to conjure up whatever I envisioned.  This provided the environment I needed to create a series of images from the heart.  To live a life filled with friends such as these would be a true dream indeed.

Side note - As Laura had brought several outfits, accessories and more; she only did so to ensure me the most freedom of choice...  I ended up choosing to dress her in a blanket I found, which coincidentally was actually the dogs blanket.