grace and style˚

Any who know me can attest that I don't seem to sit still very long.  I enjoy life the most when it's whizzing past in a flurry of new ideas and incubating dreams.  I love the change of it all I guess which I suppose creates the balance I seek through my desire to cultivate images of timelessness existing only in style and grace.  Because I can write such things only testifies to me living too often inside my own head.  Manifesting ideas through my hands and into the singular two dimensional space of a still frame will continue to be the pursuit of my heart.  

What has led up to this?  At last, on my very last photo-shoot of the season I feel like I've found myself.  It's an odd thing to say, but that's how it feels to me.  Every image I take I do my very best to do the frame and my client justice, however the voice in my work seemed reclusive and hard to hear.  But at last I've heard that familiar sound, and for now found a direction that seems honest and right.  The images within this post symbolize the direction I'm heading and hope to give me a sense of self.

"Art is a combination equal parts psychology and craftsmanship."   - steve



Thank you to:

Oumou D - Model Amy Bruns - Conceptual Design and Styling Assistant