I've opened the windows in my hotel room, and am rewarded with a sweeping view of central phenom pehn.  Directly below lay a bustling market, spanning several blocks and carrying a symphonic array of sounds and energy...I'm slowly being seduced by the life in this place.  I make a point to wake up early; both my travel companion Todd, and myself, and head 5 flights down to the energetic moans below. What is this new strange place?  I've begun feigning to it's call.  As we merge into the endless crowds and myriads of single track corridors I start to see the face of this stranger, and it greets me with such a smile.


If I had to sum up my overall impression of cambodia, I'd leave at a smile. Such a gift, the Khmer people gave to me, with each face I saw, there was a smile; an honest, toothy smile to go along with it.  In all my travels, I've never yet experienced the instant sense of familiarity and friendship, perhaps I'd call it humanship, as in Cambodia.  It's a collective embrace, and you just feel comfortable there.

As I travel more and more, with Saving Moses and others, I seem to be led in an all-together interesting direction.  I've now been traveling consistently throughout the world for over two years, and for as much pain and suffering as I've witnessed in that time, I only feel my love for this race we call human grow and grow and grow.  I've seen miracles, and felt more compassion and humility than I ever thought possible.  Cambodia was my mother, giving me comfort during my stay in her foreign lands and her children gave me love and camaraderie which I carry with me still today.

A very special thanks to my translators and new friends Kompheak, and Imchhay (dan) for embracing me and showing me your beautiful country.  I can't wait to see you both again soon.