tiffany and ben • wed costa rica

due slightly north of the panama border a click or two lay a small slice of atlantic heaven known as Puerto Viejo.  Mostly europeans inhabit the town amongst a mixture of tico residents unlike their siblings to the west; these tico's have a Jamaican flair that invites you in to stay.  The whole place promotes a free flowing, do what you please vibe that suited ben and tiffany perfectly.  The beach decorated beautifully so as not to detract from the natural ambience but embrace it with a touch of personality.  Long after we had retired for the evening; gone into town for a night cap well after midnight.  We headed back down the only road there is, walking south towards panama, back to our humble abode.  It was there on the street come around 1am we reconnected with our couple; minus most of their clothes and noticeably wet from what looked like an after party to beat the band complete with a skotch of skinny dipping at the end. I love weddings for they allow me the human connection I desire.  Those inexplicable experiences I wouldn't be privy to any other way.