jason & lisa . wed in estes park

Nothing but smiles for me. Something as simple as a smile can brighten the darkest room, or break the hardest heart.  Few people know this secretly powerful weapon but those who do, sling it with reckless abandon.  Lisa uses her smile like braveheart used his sword, striking beauty wherever she points her gaze.  It's truly beautiful to watch.  No one remains the same when such as these two enter the room, smiles and love spill over like too much wine, splooshing and splashing on everyone, drenching them with affection.

Lisa is the rose and Jason is the gardner, He does his pruning well for such a rose of radiant beauty befalls on the whole garden, encouraging all to brightly shine.  Perhaps I should call this post "the rose and the gardner"....hmmm...perhaps.


thanks to:

Cinematography - Velare Imaginarium Wedding Coordination - Pink Diamond Events Venue - Della Mountain Chateau

very special thanks to my friend and wonderful photographer, Preston Utley for shooting with me on this day.  Several of the below images were his, and his talent astounds me!!