my birthday wish

So today marks the 31st year since I've been placed on this earth.  For most of those years I've prayed for two things more than anything else.  The first, for wisdom.  As I grew up I always thought Solomon had it right when anything could have been given to him, he chose wisdom.  I figured it was something I certainly wanted myself.  My second request I've prayed for many years is, to see the Pauls and Peters of this world today.  These giants of men, who would speak His Love with authority and fearlessness.  As the years bled into each other and I rode the endless tide of life with all the mysteries it holds within, I have kept these requests close to my heart.  I'm here today as witness to the goodness of The Father, as He has indeed revealed both to me in such great quanities as I wouldn't have imagined.  I have seen the very face of Jesus, in a completely unexpected way. I've had the small tender hands of the discarded and abandoned blind on my face as they prayed in concert for me to see.  I've held the embrace of outcasts as they refuse to let me go without understanding Love .  I've had the honor of being bed-side as Father opened the gates of heaven and received His tiny children.  And perhaps most profoundly of all, I've been blessed beyond compare to have worshiped side by side with the unworthy, unloved and forgotten as they sing hallelujah in deafening concert.

Oh yeah, Father has answered every one of my prayers more completely than I could have ever known.


My birthday wish is to ask Him for more; and make me strong enough to handle such.



dedicated to them.  The blind holding the blind.   "may Father never let us go!"