anatomy of a photograph . reverence

Children in weddings go together like beans and rice.  Their small size and cute outfits mixed with dimpled faces melt the hearts of everyone who attends.  But could there be more?  I believe children provide a sense of self, and their innocence and freeing candor speak peace and rest into our hearts.  They symbolize the very best in us, as those of us with kids of our own could attest.

But no one likes attention, that's one of the hardest tasks come wedding day; we all must walk before an audience, commanding the eyes of all.  It's not always a comfortable thought.  These girls stand together strong, like being led into a lions den, as the doors close behind them.  Such strength in the face of their leader.  She scans the room, sizing it up.


Technical Info:

I am a sucker lines.  The bring weight and drama to an image.  This image in-particular caught my eye because of the moment felt by these three girls. Their led in and left as the doors close behind them.  They gather together in formation, and exude maturity as their chins are held up and their posture dictates.  I let the natural side light from the stained glass cascade from the left, and simply added a vignette to draw the eye in slightly.  Taken with my Canon 5D with a 35mm f1.4 prime @ f2 : 1/200