anatomy of a photograph . intimate

I chose this shot because it conveys something highly emotional to me.

the back story: 

This couple had just walked back down the aisle after they've been presented as husband and wife; looking for quick refuge for a few seconds of intimacy.  They headed up to the choir loft, and shared the immediate giggles and exhilaration of the whole event, and quickly melted into a beautiful embrace.  The picture was taken right at that time, as they fluttered just barely in the window light.


It's soft, as the focus missed the clearest grab.  The overall composition could have been improved by backing up slightly, to elongate the shadows behind them and preventing her bouquet from being cropped half off.  Is this nitpicky?  No...because for all the flaws, this image does the one thing I needed it to; I hoped it could do....speak and vocalize the energy and emotion between them.  That's why it's a fav or mine; it's that moment where he takes a deep breath in and pulling her close.  It's raw connectedness in true form.


technical, schmechnical...if you want good photographs, use your head.  If you want moving and compelling photographs, use your heart. 

- steve