anatomy of a photograph . innocence


My favorite moments in life I'd say hands down are the moments that I wasn't aware of until I stumbled right into them.  As a photographer it's equally rewarding to stumble into a scene and react through the viewfinder.

This image unfolded as I was directing and positioning the families for the formal segment of the wedding day.  I had just dismissed one side of the family and was in the middle of aligning the next group when I look over my right shoulder to see these two sharing an unbridled, free-spirited moment (pun intended).  Don't you want to be these children again??  To have so much pleasure in the simplest of things, and the freedom to express yourself in them.


Technically speaking...

I turned fast, knocked out three shots, and found this the most compelling of the series.  I converted the image to B&W in photoshop and added a vignette to give a frame and sense of boundary to the image.   What I've loved most this season is having completely alerted my shooting style and the tools I use.  I only carry two lenses with me now; 35mm f1.4 and a 85mm f1.2.  This image was shot with the 85mm @ f2.5.