pickett family

I have had the privilege of photographing the pickett family for the past few years, and when I say privilege I really do mean it.  Ellie, "mom" who is a photographer herself always comes to me with fun and crazy ideas and together we work out a direction to go with it.  This year, with a massive, MASSIVE, helium tank and gobs of equally proportioned 3ft balloons, we headed up a hill.  Sounds like a metaphor but literally we went up a hill.  With everyone looking amazing and the girls, veterans at front of camera work; we shot through sunset having a ton of fun.  This is how things should always flow.  A collaboration, a dance of sorts between client and photographer.  

Technically speaking, I intentionally overexposed by 1 stop to slightly wash out any shadows, knowing that I'd process them with a slight vintage glaze, to tone the starkness that digital whites bring to the table.  Film is a terrific medium in these situations because unlike digital, the transition of bright to blown out is buttery and smooth; digital just isn't.  So that being said, as I shot this with digital gear; I substituted the whites created from overexposing with creams and warmer tones.