le voilier

What happens when we explore the power of collaboration?  When it's not all about one person's vision but collectively seeking something bigger than a single person.  We end up relishing in the unanticipated results and yearning for more.  May I introduce, Le Voilier.  For the first time, Velare Imaginarium has collaborated and came up with something edgy, something different and something new.  Be on the lookout for more from Velare as we continue to look in a new and exciting direction.  

 watch the amazing video here

/// Le Voilier \\\



A very special thank you to the whole crew that came together on this.

John Miller (www.johnsmillerphotography.com) Tim Twinem (www.velare.tv) Shelley Kamstra Katie Cooper Asa Dyer

Dresses Provided By : Blue Bridal Suits Provided By : Ted’s Clothiers