more in love than yesterday

Contrary to popular opinion, Love is not the sum of hard work.  Love cannot be earned nor increased through labor.  Love is not the sum of its parts, that is to say, love does not equal the time and energy two individuals dedicate to it.  No, although these sentiments may feel good, be it in large part by the "workers", nonetheless Love is altogether perfect because it cannot be earned.

Love will always be undeserved, and unearned; that is the very essence of love, anything less is counterfeit.  Possibly the most elusive but most desired attribute of Love is that, Love must be experienced.

I dedicate this post to the couple just above; my dear friends Chelsea and Matt Johnston.  I was blessed to have documented their wedding and bore witness to the incredible love between them.  Its been two years to the day since they committed themselves to each other and have already gone through thick and thin.  They've adopted a hard-working ethic about loving eaach other, which for anyone who follows them on facebook can attest.  Their secret as far as I can tell, is knowing that they're not "earning" the love they receive from one another.  They work hard at their marriage "because" of the love for one another.

Suffice to say; The promise is, that Love is much like that of gold, they both appreciate over time.

Wishing you all the best Chelsea and Matt