caitlan & dlo

It's spring now and appropriate for one to discuss beautiful transformation that is happening all around us.  The earth, given the command to return from it's hibernation, responds to it's call with such displays of color and richness as such my eyes never get tired of.  In turn, the colors and tones of all these living things rile up and invigorate something within me that wants to reciprocate.  Tones that give such distinct and wonderful definition to the world outside my windows beckon to me and awaken my spirit. I play with tones and dabble with placement, ever stirring similar emotions and awakening something deep within my subjects.  We keep function simple and direction to a minimum.  This is a time to play and frolic, like the wildflowers in the fields along the western mountains.  There is space to play, there is intimate emotion enough for everyone.  Spring inspires and encourages, and as the long dormant seed lying in the ground, I'm awakened afresh and want to show this world my true colors.