the terrors edge


the terrors edge exists beyond the gates comfort, past the fields of possibility.  It's always a journey to get to its edge, not matter where you are.  Some find it quickly as they speed out of control in times of life's great hardships, from where it has developed its ominous name.  Most are weary of its edge and do everything they can to avoid it.  Beyond its rim lay the beautiful abyss stretching out like an ocean, denoting vastness in both width and depth.  Not a ripple on its surface, nor a gauge to suspect its depth.  The unknown is always terrifying, it just is.

What remains when you walk beyond the borderlands of comfort, only knowledge stays behind.  The knowledge that keeps you bound up and tied down.  It predicts your future and governs your decisions and manifests a holographic safety net around your life.  Knowledge, like chocolate, doesn't sustain our lives; it tastes good and it's easy to come by but we cannot thrive on it solely.  When we venture to the abyss beyond, we are wholly in the arms of faith and truly able to experience our destiny.

I have made the wilds of the terrors edge my sanctuary.  It offers me peace and life I could never have dreamt of.  I have bore witness to the miracle of life as well as the poetry of death.  I have witnessed miracles in people and have witnessed people as miracles.  I have become a stranger to the familiar things I used to know, and pine for more time beyond.  I love the wilds of the terrors edge for I have found an abundant life here.  And I can wish of no greater pleasure known to me or not, than to walk with others, guiding them out onto the edge.

- steve