michael and kristina

it's always a treat to photograph an artists wedding.  Their sense of style and taste almost creates something of a camaraderie, all of which (style, taste and artists) were not in short supply.  One of their boldest moves was securing a venue to host their reception and where better than the newly erected, Clyfford Still Museum downtown.  To enhance the uniqueness of it all, this was the very first wedding held at the CSM.  We wandered the hallways and corridors throughout the upper rooms looking for light and shape and found to our delight all of it in abundance.  I started to see Michael and Kristina in many ways like the paintings hanging on the walls surrounding us.  Their sense of love for one another, the ambition they share; it's all too big to hang on ordinary walls; you need gigantic walls with more than enough space to adequately express the substance they share. I can't thank my friend and fellow photographer, Preston Utley, enough for sharing his time & talents with me on this day.  You're an incredible artist!